Locksmith in Western California

05/30/2013 12:31


This review will be focused on the San Jose, California area. I am receiving help from a fellow blogger, he currently blogs about everything from movies to cars. Recently he got himself locked out of his own car. Since he knows that I review locksmith companies he asked me for advice. I recommended and they were great to him. I told him to pay attention to the way they handled his call and also to note the amount of time it took them to arrive and deal with the issue.


It was a busy afternoon and the entire job was completed within 30 minutes. That kind of turnaround is awesome and I made sure to let him know of that. In that area, I’d give them a 10/10. Now let’s move on to the actual service. He mentioned how nice and professional the technician treated him. He arrived cleanly dressed and treated his car with the ultimate respect. We all know how important our cars are to us so this made me smile. The technician wasn’t the only nice professional one however. The dispatch was great from the beginning and really helped out.


Again, the company received a 10/10 for this area. In my opinion, this is one of the most important areas of all and can make or break a company. I firmly believe that service and professionalism is a matter of effort. It takes effort to look clean and professional and it also takes effort to treat customers with the proper respect and integrity.


My friend was blown away by how comfortable the technician made him feel while working on his car. The entire process was impeccable and I am glad I recommended these guys for him. As you can see, this company provided great service in a timely fashion. So remember to check them out if you are ever in need of a locksmith near San Jose, California.

What to look for when hiring a locksmith

05/24/2013 12:05

What to look for when hiring a locksmith


If you need a locksmith to open your car or home, make sure you do your research. Avoid fishy companies and individuals. Hiring the right company will make a big difference. Here are some companies that provided great service for me or my friends. The first company is . The service tech was the owner and was able to get my car unlocked in minutes. The whole process took 30 minutes from the time I picked up the phone which was awesome. Great company to deal with and fast service makes me recommend them.

The second company I will be reviewing is based out of Austin Texas. I have a friend who helped me tremendously by providing this review on a great company. is their website and you can find information on how to contact them through there. My friend was locked out of his car and called them immediately because he found them online. He really lucked out because they were cheaper than other quotes and the service tech was very knowledgeable. Overall, this company was way above average and provided awesome service which was a great surprise.

So far, the two companies reviewed have been great companies to work with. The third company is probably the best in comparison. Remember, they are all great but if I had to pick one I’d have to choose . When you look at the different factors that apply to grading locksmith companies, the main ones should be pricing, service, knowledge. This company was a perfect ten for the three factors. They performed so well that I will remember their service forever. The best thing about them is probably how friendly the technician and dispatcher treated me. As you can see, these three companies are great and provided awesome service to me. 


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